The Dream Launch

“The Dream” was launched on January 2, 2011 inside the Riverdale Hub. With many people having back to school and other commitments the turnout was low. The vibes were irie. DJ Capone and Virus Sounds kept the atmosphere copacetic with a mixture of genres, but as expected the pulsating reggae kept the crowd moving. Without a doubt “I Am Blessed” by Mr. Vegas was the song of the night. BUN BAD MINE!!….lol. The decor and the buffet was all done with elegance and class by S & S Event Planners.

Just before 9 o’clock. I took to the stage under after a brief intro by my older brother Curtis Ennis.

As the little birds sing

On a Morning in mid-spring

I with my soul have a talk

On an early morning walk

“Dewdrops In The Morn”, a soulful piece about talking to my soul and listening to nature, was the opener.  Others in the shortened set were:

“Contrast”, compares the reaction to temperature changes between Canadians and Jamaicans.

“Our Mama’s Silence”, is a narrated peice in which the narrator’s youngers sibling were oblivious to their mama’s struggles after the father walked out.

“Another Fives Minutes”, stretched an quick afternoon romantic stoll into moonlight kisses.

“Little Things”, beckons us to address issues before they balloon out of control.

“Seven Days A Week”,  is a tongue in cheek romantic poem.

“On Golden Wings”, I made it through that poems with the cheers of a very intimate and supportive audience. The following day I saw the silver lining. That poem was in memory of my grandfather, Luther Ennis, and the following lines are the ones that would not flow right:

“And he flies

Up in the skies …..”

I later realized that Maas Luther wanted me to know that he was right there with me.

After a short intermission, I returned to the stage with the crowd favourite “Hot Chocolate”, a sensual piece that is the new anthem for the dark skin beauties. The set wrapped up with “Dream In Colour”, as the title indcates is a plea for an end to oppression and prejudice. “Dream In Colour” seeks the silver lining even in adverse situations and invites us to take time away from the hussle and bustle to take a look at one’s true self.

I dream in colour

Closing my eyes

to see the horizon

Where the mountains

Kiss the blue skies

I dream in colour

Of a lifestyle preferred

Of climbing moutains

without being deterred

Ascending to the summit

way up high

And thanking the Almighty

Eye to eye

I pray that my dream

Is not a dream deferred

Curtains! There will be a relaunch soon. Copies of the dream can be purchased here. Keep striving towards your dream. May it one day be fulfilled.

Walk Good!

Walk Good!

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