The Dream Is Alive

Makeda waves at the camera at the book signing, June 30, 2010 in the Women’s College Hospital lobby.

Dream In Colour, the first publication by Sir-10-Lee Publishing and Promotion, is now entering phase 2. The Book Launch will be January 2nd, 2011 inside The Riverdale Hub. For updates click on the “Dream In Colour” tab. We will have copies available online or by reservation soon.  The next few months will be spent promoting “The Dream”.  The response has been phenomenal.  This volume speaks to everyone in an unassuming tone. It speaks of love, life, living with a positive focus. Leroy Ennis skillfully carved words garnished with a likkle Jamaican patwa. ”Ovastanding Yaad Talk” a glossary will provide guidance to those who find it difficult to understand the Jamaican patwa.

The title piece, “Dream In Colour”, takes a look at a dream world where oppression doesn’t exist then stretches to  the horizon for an eye to eye thanks to “The Almighty”. ”Hot Chocolate” is now being served as the new anthem for the dark skinned beauties. “Mama’s Silence” takes a look at the evolution process of a single mother from the day she was deserted detailing her struggles and the children’s obliviousness to them. The vibes definitely don’t stop there.

I am very encouraged by the success of the first run. I want to thank everyone for the support and encouragement.

Walk Good!

Walk Good!

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