The Dream Path

“The Dream” concept came into being in 2009. This, after numerous years of writing just for the heck of it. Along the way, I had started to share my work with my coworkers at Women’s College Hospital. Every week or so I would update my poem on the uniform issue window. With encourgement, I was able to finally sift through the hundreds of poems I wrote over the years. It makes sense that the book signing had close to 150 patrons signing my guestbook. I would also like to big up all who supported……in person and in spirit. 

“The Dream”, a versatile 58 page, 55 poem volume is here for your reading pleasure. An embodiment of inspiration and a guide to inner peace. Every verse, every rhyme talks about positive  or inspirational experiences. Brightly shining we see, the rising sun that embraces the cover. A symbol of hope rising, in the video I mentioned the sunrise. It just wanted to be immortlized and also feels like destiny. I had initially contcted someone to do the cover design and as fate would have it she could not meet my schedule. When my had drive went most of my pictures went too. The sunrise was among the few that were not total blurry. While going through the pictures I stumbled upon my sunrise and it was the coup de grace.

The story of my symbolic sunrise.

One August night in 2009 I pulled al all nighter to put it together. I saved the final product on an external drive and did not back it up. At 6 a.m. I crashed and the next time I turned on the drive all I could see were symbols. All my hard work went up in flames or so it seems. Ya! Satan always there to test! Well about two weeks before all this I met Tom at work. He asked me to leave the drive with him. After a couple months he brought it back and the stuff was there. I had to edit  bit more bacause one or two words were misspelt. eg. Revpect instead of respect. Getting over pitfall such as the one described is one of the reasons “The Dream” has felt like something that was meant to be.

I did all the editing, research and all that needed to be done. The last thing that remained was the cover design. I knew an artist and contacted her but my (then) deadline would not have been met. One day while clicking through my pictures on my laptop I came across my, now immortal, sunrise. I tried it on the cover and BAM! it was the perfect fit. As they say, the rest is history. The picture was snapped while on vacation in Jamaica in 2009 and the sybolism of a new beginning can never be understated.

The process took longer than planned but the silver lining is I had much more time to learn the ropes. The extra time had proven to be more of  benefit than anything else.

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