Dream in Colour is a volume of poetry but that is only a superficial understanding of what it really is. What Leroy Ennis has crafted is a large dose of inspiration, warmth and love delivered through highly entertaining and evocative verses. Whether you are caught by the beauty of a paean to a loved one in one poem, or by the sheer joy of a cookout with friends in another, where cheap ingredients are transformed through comradeship and a wood fire into something beyond value; captivation is your certain lot from the briefest of encounters with “The Dream”… Reading these poems is the perfect antidote to the spiritual malaise which our hectic lives can all too often cause. After a couple of stanzas you will re-emerge spiritually refreshed and strengthened in your determination to value what is really important in life: love, friendship and family.

- Dominic Owen-Williams


Dream In Colour


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  1. Rodd says:

    gotta show love to my godfather

    • leroyennis says:

      Rodd! Thanks sir! YOU keep striving towards your dreams and hopefully you will find inspiration in some of these verses.
      Raspexx! Bless Up!

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