Yaad Talk

There are five poems in “The Dream” namely “Piece Of The Pie”, “Ole Heart O’ Mine”, “Boat”, “Yard Time”, and “Big Heart” that will need a glossary if you are not familiar with the Yard Talk. Don’t be confused by the interchange between yaad and yard. Since there is no set standard, the words will vary in spelling with each writer but are usually meant to sound the same. Eg. plane and plain, write and right etc.

Overstandin’ Yard Talk

‘Ard – Hard

A – Of, to

A bawl – Bawling

A ring – Is ringing

Ah – I

Anansi Story – Countless stories about our tricky folklore spider Anansi

Back-a-yard – Back home

Breadfruit – Tropical staple that has to be cooked or roasted before eaten

Bubble an’ wine – Dance provocatively

Caan – Cannot

Col’ – Cold

Dat - That

Daughta – Woman, Women, daughter, daughters

Dem – Their, they, them

Di –The

Dis –This

Draff – Droughts (game similar to checkers)

Dun – Done (end)

Dung  a Mas Joe – Down by Mr. Joe’s

Fi – To, for

Fin’ – Find

Fit – Mature enough

Fol’ – Folded

Fulljoy – Enjoy(joy should never end (en’))

Full-joy-meant – Enjoyment

Guh – Going

Guidance – God be with (guide) you

How I’ col’ – How cold it is

How mi a guh – How am I going to

Inna – In, wearing

Islan’ – Island

Isms (pl.) – Suffix in words like racism, sexism etc.

Lan’ – Land

Lickle – Little

Live-i-cation – Dedication

Married flour to Red Herring – Only way to buy flour was to buy Red Herring as well

Mi – I, me

Mi still a try – I keep trying

Mi wan’ pass – I want to pass (go by)

Neva – Never

Ole – Old

Overstandin’ – Understanding

Peckish – Hungry

Pimento wood – Wood from the Pimento (All Spice) tree

Riddim – Rhythm

Run a boat – Cook, cook outdoor

San’ – Sand

Sensemilla – Ganja

Ship Sail – A game that involves guessing the number of corn grains in someone’s hand

Sweata – Sweater

Tempritcha – Temperature

Ting – Thing

Tink – Think

Unda – Under

Wahta –Water

Walk Good – Be safe, safe travel

Wan’ – Want

Wat – What

Weh – Where

Wi – Our

Wid – With

Winta – Winter

Yard – Jamaican, Jamaica, Home

Yuh – You

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