About Leroy

May 11, 1985, I arrived in the land of opportunity. An eighteen year old transplant, in a whole new environment. Of course, on arrival this naive youngster was looking for streets of gold. In fact, I found my silver lining decades later, that would be my writing. Twenty six years that have seen a lot of good times. A hell of a lot of hard times. BUT!! I am thankful that I have found something to be passionate about. Nothing has felt this natural.

Writing is something that found me. It started out innocently as a hobby about my 4th year in Canada. I spent years along the Canadian nature trails and countless nights burning the midnight oil. Later on, I started sharing my work with coworkers at Women’s College Hospital in Toronto. They encouraged me to publish my work because they were very inspiring. That is what I mean by a silver lining, here I was issuing uniforms well off the path that it seem I was meant to be on because of my “brilliance“  but it somehow revealed things to me I never knew about me. I followed through on the encouragement and here I am a published writer. The owner of Sir-10-Lee Publishing and Promotions. I now feel that my mission is now to share “The Dream” with the world.

I have been blessed to have supportive people all around me. I was asked to perform at a couple organizations’ dinners and those led to a few follow-up engagements. Moving forward I will seek every opportunity to spread the wonderful messages of togetherness, a little nostalgia and a whole heap of positivity with the world. Along the way I hope to inspire others who have their passion immersed in the sea of daily routines. I will start working on my biography/autobiography in the near future and along the way I will work on new projects. At this point I don’t even want to talk about myself without mentioning “The Dream”‘.  I feel encouraged and blessed by family friends and a few fans…lol. The response has been phenomenal . It is a small sample to date about 400 copies on the road so far. Well! Just about every thing about “The Dream” has that irie sensation.

Please check back for updates.

Irie! Irie!!

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