About “The Dream”

Leroy Ennis, the proprietor of Sir-10-Lee Publishing and Promotions, is a writer whose debut book, Dream In Colour was released on June 30, 2010.  The book signing was a success, that first run sold out. Sharing the messages of togetherness and unity that emanate from the pages of this volume of versatile verses is currently our focus.

We had the book launch on January 2, 2011. Future events will be organized in our efforts to work with charities, schools, churches, and community organizations. Our aim is to share the wonderful words of inspiration and the positive vibes. February, we entertained audiences during Black History Month events at the University Of Toronto, open mics, The Art Bar Poetry series, CUPE which led to a performance at the Ontario Federation of Labour’s dinner. The messages of togetherness and unity between the lines and within the lines of  “The Dream” are all uplifting. ”The Dream” made it’s TV debut on Roger’s TV show Toronto’s Talent, aired May 31, 2011.

The title piece speaks about HIStory as well as history. It walks us through the hills and valleys of life, along the “Freedom Trails”. It teaches us to close our eyes, look inward  …

…”To see the horizon

where the mountains

kiss the blue skies”

Then  climb those mountains without being deterred. Rave reviews for “Hot Chocolate”, page 10′s teasing and “Sizzlin’ ” anthem for all dark skin beauties.

” If it’s no trouble

I’ll have a double


Hot Chocolate!!

I just love

The way you bubble”

The perfect beverage served a dash of romance, Yaad (Jamaican) vibes, and so much soul and inspiration within the 58 pages. Plus a Yaad glossary as brawta (extra added), delectable and delightful …

.. Food for the soul

Cover to cover,

Yours to devour!!


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